Feeding Her Hunger by Jade Cain

lilith1Meet Lilith: beautiful, desired… hungry.

For hundreds of years Lilith has feasted on the intoxicating mix of fear and lust she creates in her partners. As a succubus and one of Manhattan’s most exclusive Dominatrices, she is well-fed, well-paid, and very very good at her job. Rich and powerful men line up to receive pain and pleasure from the soft, plump hands of their Mistress. She leaves her clients sated and drunk on her voluptuous curves.

One of her favorites is the financier Malachi Jacobs. Malachi has a vital meeting to attend, but to be at his best, first he craves the tender loving care that only Lilith can provide with her paddle and flogger and sweet, heavy body. And if he’s a good boy, she’ll reward him with the taste of something special…

Feeding Her Hunger is the first story in Being Lilith, a series about the loves and punishments of a roundly beautiful 220 year-old succubus who thrives on providing high-end kink to a select clientele.

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