Upfront (One Way or Another #1) by Jade Cain

One Way or Another by Jade CainEthan Kovac loves being an actor, loves his two co-stars on his new sitcom One Way or Another. He and Samantha Jensen got their start as kids together, and now she’s a superstar. Isaac Duncan is a great guy, but he’s tall, dark, and unfortunately for Ethan, straight.

Acting’s the fun part. The promos make him crazy, like having to attend the network’s ‘upfront’, where they sell advertisers on new shows. But at the after party, when he and Isaac start bantering for the reporters, his thoughts take a turn for the naughty, especially every time Isaac wraps his arm around him for photo ops.

One steamy encounter in a restroom and Ethan discovers that Isaac isn’t completely straight… but is it a one night engagement, or does Isaac have more on his mind than the latest script?

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Pilot (One Way or Another #2) by Jade Cain

Pilot: One Way or Another 2

Big news–the network picked up One Way or Another. Big rumors–the set is full of the tension between its two leading men. Isaac is determined to keep his mind on the job, but Ethan keeps tempting him to bad behavior in quiet corners and secluded places around the soundstage. For a guy who wants to stay in the closet, Ethan takes too many risks, and Isaac’s getting nervous.

Worse, it’s not just about the sex anymore. What was supposed to be a quick impulsive fling is threatening to turn into more–Isaac can see it (and feel it) every time he looks Ethan in the eye. When Ethan wants to take a big step, is Isaac ready?

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Hiatus: One Way or Another 3

Hiatus (One Way or Another #3) by Jade Cain

Hiatus: One Way or Another 3Have you heard the latest? Gossip sites are posting stories about the antics from the set of One Way or Another. Rumor has it someone’s been having sex in their dressing room; it’s only a matter of time before someone’s posting photos, or even better, a sex tape.

Isaac is hounded by paparazzi who all want to be the one to confirm the stories, and a hot late night phone call sees both Ethan and Isaac about to confess more than their fantasies to each other.

Rumors are one thing, but when Ethan overhears a conversation on the set, he learns just how much Isaac is risking being with him: his career, his reputation, everything he’s fought for all these years. Can Ethan keep asking that of him?

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Sweeps (One Way or Another #4) by Jade Cain

SweepsOn the eve of awards season, things are still in turmoil for the stars of One Way or Another, despite Ethan’s best efforts to calm the waters. Ethan’s out of the closet, Isaac’s dating an old flame, but Samantha’s bad behavior on the set is the talk of the town.

Though it may be down Sam to make Ethan and Isaac sit down and talk things out, nothing is ever that easy. Reunited in a steamy, illicit encounter at a party, Ethan and Isaac end up overhearing the truth behind Sam’s outbursts on the set.

When the boys discover just how bad things have gotten, will they be able to help Sam? And have they really resolved their differences, or was this a one-night-only engagement?

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Finale (One Way or Another #5) by Jade Cain

onewaycover5-500pxIt’s been a roller-coaster first season for the cast and crew of One Way or Another. The first nominations of award season are promising, especially for Ethan and Isaac, but the harassment Sam’s facing on set is only getting worse.

The three co-stars come up with a plan that will not only end the harassment, but leave Ethan and Isaac free to go public with their love for each other.

Then an impetuous move from Ethan puts everything at risk: their plan, their jobs, and even his relationship with Isaac. Can one kiss bring down three Hollywood careers?

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Undercover Games (For Queen & Country) by Jade Cain

spyseriesNick Kaplan and Aidan Blake are experienced secret agents, stars of MI-5… or they were until they moved in together and became lovers all in one fell swoop. Now, before they have a chance to work out what’s happening between them, they face their hardest test yet: keeping their hands off each other when they go undercover as strangers. Someone is selling deadly secrets to Great Britain’s enemies and a terrible chemical weapon is about to fall into the wrong hands.

Nick and Aidan are ordered to the scene of the crime—a government lab—to track down the traitor. Faced with the prospect of a long stay in a remote Northern corner of England, Nick offers Aidan a bet: whoever breaks their self-imposed celibacy first by instigating sex will pay the price when they return to London. It’s all fun and games until they actually have to tough it out. If they can’t make this work, all of Great Britain could be at risk, but neither of them can think clearly when they have to be apart.

For Queen & Country, the newest series by author Jade Cain, combines intrigue, action, sex, and humor with two unforgettable (and sometimes irresponsible) British spies, Nick Kaplan and Aidan Blake.

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Undercover Games (For Queen & Country #2)

One Way or Another: The Complete Series

One Way or Another: The Complete Series by Jade Cain

One Way or Another: The Complete SeriesMeet Ethan Kovac and Isaac Duncan, co-stars of the new sitcom, One Way or Another. Ethan’s ditching a career full of terrible tween movies, while Isaac needs to cash in some of his ‘serious actor’ cred for, well, cash. Ethan’s gay and closeted and not happy about it. Isaac has enough issues as a black man in Hollywood without dealing with rumors about his sexuality too.

Neither of them counted on the red hot chemistry that has them fighting to keep their hands off each other.

When the gossip mags suggest that their epic off-screen bromance is just a front for a sizzling affair, the two men have to play the Hollywood game, and find the line between keeping things private and denying who they are to one another.

UPFRONT, PILOT, HIATUS, SWEEPS, and FINALE: five hot, sweet stories of three actors, two second chances, and one romance that’ll shock an entire television viewing audience.

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One Way or Another: The Complete Series

Wake Me Up by Jade Cain

Wake Me UpHe kept her alive… can he make her feel alive?

Journalist Casey Mallory survived an ordeal like no other: taken hostage by Islamic militants in Iraq, they not only stole her freedom and her sense of security, but they brutally severed her left hand on-camera. She would have died if not for Ian Bradley, the undercover operative who rescued her.

A year later, she’s returned to Iraq with a camera crew to tell her story and face her fears. Ian insists on coming as her security, but Casey wants more from gorgeous Ian than his protection. She craves the touch of his strong, lean body, needs him to make her feel like the woman she was before the kidnapping.

If they survive a second time, she’ll do what it takes to get him into her bed…

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