Finale (One Way or Another #5) by Jade Cain

onewaycover5-500pxIt’s been a roller-coaster first season for the cast and crew of One Way or Another. The first nominations of award season are promising, especially for Ethan and Isaac, but the harassment Sam’s facing on set is only getting worse.

The three co-stars come up with a plan that will not only end the harassment, but leave Ethan and Isaac free to go public with their love for each other.

Then an impetuous move from Ethan puts everything at risk: their plan, their jobs, and even his relationship with Isaac. Can one kiss bring down three Hollywood careers?

About the Series

Meet Ethan Kovac and Isaac Duncan, co-stars of the new sitcom, One Way or Another. Ethan’s ditching a career full of terrible tween movies, while Isaac needs to cash in some of his ‘serious actor’ cred for, well, cash. Ethan’s gay and closeted and not happy about it. Isaac has enough issues as a black man in Hollywood without dealing with rumors about his sexuality too.

Neither of them counted on the red hot chemistry that has them fighting to keep their hands off each other.

When the gossip mags suggest that their epic off-screen bromance is just a front for a sizzling affair, the two men have to play the Hollywood game, and find the line between keeping things private and denying who they are to one another.

UPFRONT, PILOT, HIATUS, SWEEPS, and FINALE: five hot, sweet stories of three actors, two second chances, and one romance that’ll shock an entire television viewing audience.