Upfront (One Way or Another #1)


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Ethan Kovac loves being an actor, loves his two co-stars on his new sitcom One Way or Another. He and Samantha Jensen got their start as kids together, and now she’s a superstar. Isaac Duncan is a great guy, but he’s tall, dark, and unfortunately for Ethan, straight.

Acting’s the fun part. The promos make him crazy, like having to attend the network’s ‘upfront’, where they sell advertisers on new shows. But at the after party, when he and Isaac start bantering for the reporters, his thoughts take a turn for the naughty, especially every time Isaac wraps his arm around him for photo ops.

One steamy encounter in a restroom and Ethan discovers that Isaac isn’t completely straight… but is it a one night engagement, or does Isaac have more on his mind than the latest script?


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