Undercover Games (For Queen & Country) by Jade Cain

spyseriesNick Kaplan and Aidan Blake are experienced secret agents, stars of MI-5… or they were until they moved in together and became lovers all in one fell swoop. Now, before they have a chance to work out what’s happening between them, they face their hardest test yet: keeping their hands off each other when they go undercover as strangers. Someone is selling deadly secrets to Great Britain’s enemies and a terrible chemical weapon is about to fall into the wrong hands.

Nick and Aidan are ordered to the scene of the crime—a government lab—to track down the traitor. Faced with the prospect of a long stay in a remote Northern corner of England, Nick offers Aidan a bet: whoever breaks their self-imposed celibacy first by instigating sex will pay the price when they return to London. It’s all fun and games until they actually have to tough it out. If they can’t make this work, all of Great Britain could be at risk, but neither of them can think clearly when they have to be apart.

For Queen & Country, the newest series by author Jade Cain, combines intrigue, action, sex, and humor with two unforgettable (and sometimes irresponsible) British spies, Nick Kaplan and Aidan Blake.

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Undercover Games (For Queen & Country #2)